Which test?

I've been asked to quarantine, can I find out if I'm actually infected?

Are there any private tests available that will help me find out if I have Coronavirus?

Covid-19 Private Test Recommendations for people who have been asked to quarantine or self isolate

Our Take...

If you have been asked to shelter because of a workplace outbreak, or the governments track and trace scheme then please don’t panic. The first thing you should do is get yourself tested and there are a couple of ways to do it.

What tests should I use?

  1. Antibody test: If you, like many others have been asked to isolate we strongly recommend you buy an antibody test. Our instant antibody tests will tell you whether you have previously been in contact with the virus and can be used to indicate whether you may still be infectious. From our perspective an antibody test will provide you with the most helpful result to both you and your employer due to the fact it provides an indication of whether you are still infectious.
  2. Antigen PCR test (recommended): Another option would be to purchase a PCR antigen test. These tests are mainly used for when you are feeling unwell, but do not meet the criteria to receive one through the NHS. The test will be able to provide you with a diagnosis that will tell you whether you have the virus or not. However, the test will not provide you with an indication of whether or not you are still infectious.

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What can I expect from my local GP or the NHS?

Unfortunately, GP’s and the wider NHS do not currently distribute any antibody tests to the public. These instant antibody blood spot tests are only available to purchase.  

PCR Antigen tests are available through the NHS, however you must meet specific criteria to be eligible. If you are not eligible but would still want a diagnosis, we have them available to purchase.

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