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We supply both Covid-19 Antibody and Antigen tests to help you diagnose if you have Coronavirus or whether you’ve recently come into contact with the Virus. All of our tests are MHRA & CE Approved and we offer discounts for bundle packages across the range.


Our tests do not interfere with NHS capacity or supply.

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Self Test


The back to lab test helps inform if you currently have the Covid 19 virus (wether you’re experiencing the virus symptoms or not).


Rapid Test

Professional Use

Helps inform if you’ve already had Covid-19 in the past. Gives a result in 15 minutes (designed for professional use)


Rapid Test

with assistance

Helps inform if you’ve already had Covid 19 in the past. Gives a result in 15 minutes carried out by one of the Kilter team.

Covid-19 Coronavirus lab tests


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At Kilter we are determined to beat Covid-19 and we want to help you beat it to. Our home testing kits are easy to use, reliable and will help you get your life back on track. It’s no secret that there has been a lot of myths and misinformation spread about Covid-19 testing. We want to dispel these myths because testing has never been more important, and it’s never been better!  


kilter is fast, reliable and does not take any capacity away from the NHS