Emirates airlines adopts antibody testing

Emirates antibody testing for covid-19

Emirates airline has begun administering coronavirus antibody blood tests on passengers before they board its flights at Dubai International Airport, according to a report.

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From our perspective this a great initiative by Emirates Airlines and we were delighted to hear of it. Testing is absolutely the way to beat coronavirus and the choice to use instant antibody tests is a wise one. Antibody testing is an invaluable tool for access control, as it allows you to screen out asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Research shows that up to 80% of people infected with the virus could be asymptomatic carriers. 

It’s fair to say that at the moment the prospect of boarding an airplane with a large number of strangers could certainly be anxiety inducing. Testing like this doesn’t just stop the spread of the virus, it is a great way to reassure passengers and helps to build a sense of trust and psychological safety. 

Although the airline has only just started using these tests, it’s a promising start and hopefully other airlines will follow suit. If you would like to purchase Antibody testing for yourself, then you can find them and other Covid-19 private tests here.  

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