Coronavirus, is the worst behind us?


It is our understanding that unfortunately the virus is still a great threat to the public. Whilst it is of course important to kick start the economy, it is equally important that we do so in a sensible and controlled manner. The news of the pubs and similar establishments reopening sounds reassuring and you could be forgiven for taking this to mean that the worst is behind us and that it is safe to carry on with everyday life as we did pre-Covid-19. However a huge amount of research and health statistics indicate that this is just a false sense of security. 

Globally, coronavirus is still highly active and the death toll is still on the rise in the UK. Our position from the outset has always been that the way to beat the virus is through testing on a mass scale. Read this article for a fascinating take on the current pandemic from Sir David King who addresses the potential consequences of a mismanaged approach to tackling the virus.  

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