Which test?

I'm pregnant and keen to know if I have immunity

How can I find out if I might have previously caught Covid-19 or if I’m still fighting the virus without knowing?

Our Take...

If you are an expecting mum to be, coronavirus is a scary prospect. Everywhere on the news and within our own communities we hear horror stories about how unpredictable the virus is. For some people the virus amounts to nothing but a light flu, whereas others and up on ventilators in hospital. Additionally new research has shown that up to 80% of the population who catch the virus could be asymptomatic, but still highly infectious.  

We at Kilter have taken the stance that when you can’t tell how the virus is going to affect you (or if you have already got it) then you need to get tested. This is especially true if you are pregnant. 

What tests should I use?

We strongly recommend the use of antibody tests. Whilst it is important to remember that the presence of antibodies is not yet a guarantee of future immunity, an antibody test can give you an indication of whether you have had the virus and may have resistance to Covid-19 in the future.  This test will also give you an idea of whether you are still infectious, in the event you have recently come into contact with the virus. We would recommend that you make sure to get everyone in your household tested in order to reduce the risk.

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What can I expect from my local GP or the NHS?

Unfortunately, GP’s and the wider NHS do not currently distribute any antibody tests to the public. These instant antibody blood spot tests are only available to purchase.

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Please note that in the medical and testing industry, science and research are always changing. As such, facts and opinion written in our articles may become out of date and must never be considered medical advice. Always contact your GP If you are concerned about your health.

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