Why Use Covid-19 Antibody Tests?

Why use a covid-19 antibody test

Much has been written recently speculating about the percentage of the population that is unknowingly carrying and potentially spreading Covid-19. Research from around the world shows that anywhere between 20% and 86% of infected people are asymptomatic. Iceland tested its whole population for Covid-19 and found that around 50% of those who had the virus […]

Coronavirus, is the worst behind us?


It is our understanding that unfortunately the virus is still a great threat to the public. Whilst it is of course important to kick start the economy, it is equally important that we do so in a sensible and controlled manner. The news of the pubs and similar establishments reopening sounds reassuring and you could […]

Emirates airlines adopts antibody testing

Emirates antibody testing for covid-19

Emirates airline has begun administering coronavirus antibody blood tests on passengers before they board its flights at Dubai International Airport, according to a report. Read the Full article here. From our perspective this a great initiative by Emirates Airlines and we were delighted to hear of it. Testing is absolutely the way to beat coronavirus and the […]